COVID-19 - Recommendations to our clients

March 14th, 2020 09:00

COVID-19 - Recommendations to our clients


During these exceptional times related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Event’nroll wishes to inform its clients that weekly payments will be suspended until the end of March. However, the current format, which consists of paying sums within five working days of the end of an event, is maintained. The resumption of weekly payments will be reviewed at the beginning of April. You will be notified at that time.

In addition, Event’nroll would like to share a series of recommendations to our valued clients:

-First, it is important that any refund policy is pre-approved in collaboration with Event’nroll officials;

-Ticket refunds must go through the platform in order to avoid problems with ticket reconciliation. It is therefore essential to not process any refunds by check and / or cash to your customers since this type of refund cannot be reconciled;

-For clients affected by this situation, please know that our team will contact you to discuss and set up a joint action plan;

-Communicate transparently with your customers to avoid chargeback;

A chargeback is a charge that is returned to a payment card after a customer successfully disputes an item on their account statement or transactions report. A chargeback may occur on debit cards (and the underlying bank account) or on credit cards.  Each chargeback request represents a cost of $ 15.

-Share your communication aimed at informing your customers of your procedure with us before its made public.

For any question related to our recommendations or any other needs, please contact:

Kim Thomas

Project coordinator

T 450-419-0100 #835 | 1 855 419-0101 | kthomas@spordle.com

Thank you for your trust,

The Event’nroll team