An integrated streaming platform and online payment available for your event with E'NR

June 25th, 2020 10:27

An integrated streaming platform and online payment available for your event with E'NR


In the current context during which events (festivals, meetings, training sessions, video on demand) and large public gatherings remain both uncertain and risky, the team behind the Event'nroll platform has switched gears to help you promote your event to your customers in a completely safe, friendly and dynamic way.

In the past few weeks, the Event’nroll team has developed a 100% online event solution. You will find various functionalities, ranging from support to turnkey service, that can provide an unforgettable experience for your clients.

With our expertise acquired over a period of almost 10 years, the Event’nroll ticket office is positioned as the gateway to events.

Your event entirely online

As part of an online event, customers can purchase various types of tickets, for example:

  • An entrance for a single access;
  • A full-day pass;
  • A pass for the duration of the festival which gives complete access to the client.

In order to control the access to the distribution platform, during the transaction, the ticket code becomes the access code to said platform. Explanatory information to enable the customer to access the content online is added to the ticket.

The Event’nroll dashboard also allows you to control all the permissions and packages that are offered. The store remains customizable to adjust to your event’s brand. A connection button can be positioned on the event website in order to connect to the festival viewing area.

The system can (optionally) limit the number of devices connected at the same time with the same code. For example, only one device can be permitted to view content at a time. In addition, a functionality allowing to geolocate the origin of the buyer makes it possible to control the purchase or the distribution of content to specific regions.

By connecting, the customer can see all the content for which he has paid. A simple validation process to display the content that is always available is in place since each activity can require a start date and an end date. All content may also be available for the duration of the event.

When the validation is carried out, the customer can then launch the viewing of the content of his choice. Vimeo is currently the platform of choice, but the possibility of replicating the operation with other streaming platforms is offered. It is also possible to offer free activities or live conferences in connection with Zoom. In addition, we have agreed to a partnership with a company specializing in capturing and broadcasting live events. We can help you to capture and broadcast your content.

Flexible Features for Your Event

You have real-time access to viewing statistics. The system is designed to keep all statistics for each client, including:

  • Number of connections;
  • Quantity of content consumed;
  • Number of minutes of viewing;
  • Origin of each session.

Several reporting options are available.

Many elements can be added inside the online festival space so that everything reflects your event’s brand and meets your needs.

You’d like to obtain more details about the current model? We invite you to contact us right now at [email protected].